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Queen's University

BIOL 537 2015-16
Dr. P. Boag

Rm: 4420 Bioscience Complex
Tel: (613) 533-6394
Faculty Web Site:

My research uses genetics to examine topical issues in the ecology and behaviour of vertebrate populations, chiefly birds and mammals. We use molecular genetic markers to identify kinship or taxonomic status of individuals with specific phenotypes. These projects increasingly emphasize the conservation applications of molecular markers, for instance to study population structure of polar bears or to help manage African rhino populations.

Biology 537 projects typically involve work with a senior PhD student or postdoctoral fellow on a subproject related to ongoing research in the lab. This may involve molecular marker analyses, or statistical analyses of previously collected data. I may supervise one or two Biol 537 students.

STARTING DATE: Possibilities are May 1, June 1, or Sept 1


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Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000