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Queen's University

BIOL 537 2014-15
Dr. F. Bonier

Rm:   3523 Bioscience Complex
Tel:    533-6000 ext:  77024
Faculty Web Site:

I am broadly interested in understanding how animals cope with challenges in their environment. I investigate how animals respond to environmental challenges both in the short term, through behavioural and physiological responses, and in the long term, through demographic and evolutionary responses. To address my research questions, I draw on tools from numerous disciplines, including endocrinology, hematology, population genetics, and field biology techniques.

I anticipate taking on 2 or 3 honour's students for the coming year. Interested students must be able to start on 1 May, so they can conduct field studies at the Queen's University Biological Station.

Potential projects could fall under one of these areas:

1) The effects of blood parasite manipulations and/or brood size manipulations on various aspects of tree swallow behaviour, physiology, and/or reproductive success.

2) The effects of winter food supplementation on immune function and reproductive investment in breeding chickadees.

3) The effects of blood parasites on red-winged blackbirds.


Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000