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The ‘Biology core’ is a group of foundational courses designed to provide a core knowledge base across the complete range of organizational levels in the study of biology.   Students in a Biology BAH or BSCH program must complete the Biology core.

In Year 1, BIOL-102/3.0 and -103/3.0 together provide an Introduction to the full breadth of the subject and are designed to ensure that students with diverse backgrounds in high school biology education are all equally equipped to advance to Year 2.

BIOL-201/3.0* and -202/3.0, are normally taken in Year 2, and together constitute a survey of the Diversity of Life on earth from microbes to flowering plants, from protozoa to mammals.  Emphasis is on the origin, classification and evolutionary relationships of taxonomic groups and the variety of adaptations that have evolved for growth, survival and reproduction of organisms in the wide range of environments found across the globe. 

BIOL-205/3.0 and -206/3.0, are also normally taken in Year 2, and provide a complete overview of the fundamentals of Genetics, including Mendelian and Molecular Genetics (BIOL-205/3.0) and Evolutionary and Population Genetics (BIOL-206/3.0).

The ‘upper year’ core requirements include a half course in the study of structure and function at each of three general levels of organization in biology:

        ● cellular / molecular level
                        - at least one of BIOL-330/3.0 or BCHM-218/3.0 or MBIO-218/3.0.
        ● tissue / whole-organism level (physiology)

                         - at least one of BIOL 334/3.0, BIOL 339/3.0, BIOL 341/3.0 (BCHM 310/6.0 can be substituted for any one of these core courses).
        ● population / community / ecosystem level (ecology)
                        - at least one of BIOL-302/3.0 or -303/3.0.

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