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Queen's University

Bruce Tufts - Professor

Tufts.jpg Research:  My research interests fall under the general topics of fish biology, fisheries and conservation. Although I am always interested in studies that will improve our basic knowledge of fish biology, the vast majority of the recent projects in my lab have become much more applied in nature.  Most of the studies within the lab are now geared towards the conservation of wild fisheries. Some of these projects use our physiological expertise to develop better conservation practices for recreational fisheries.  During the past few years, for example, we have worked closely with industry to develop more “fish-friendly” practices within live-release angling tournaments. A number of recent projects in my lab have also been directed towards improving aquaculture practices as another way to conserve wild fish populations.  Topics of interest in this area include land-based recirculation systems, polyculture, new species, improved feeds and development of new approaches to monitor growth in fish.

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 Some Recent Publications: 

  • Dhillon RS, AJ Esbaugh, YS Wang and BL Tufts. 2009. Characterization and expression of a myosin heavy-chain isoform in juvenile walleye Sander vitreus. J Fish Biol 75(5): 1048-1062.
  • Hasler CT, CD Suski, KC Hanson, SJ Cooke, DP Philipp and BL Tufts. 2009. Effect of water temperature on laboratory swimming performance and natural activity levels of adult largemouth bass. Can J Zool 87(7): 589-596.
  • Hasler CT, CD Suski, KC Hanson, SJ Cooke and BL Tufts. 2009. The influence of dissolved oxygen on winter habitat selection by largemouth bass: An integration of field biotelemetry studies and laboratory experiments. Physiol & Biochem Zool 82(2): 143-152.
  • Madison BN, RS Dhillon, BL Tufts and YS Wang. 2009. Exposure to low concentrations of dissolved ammonia promotes growth rate in walleye, Sander vitreus. J Fish Biol 74(4): 872-890.
  • Suski CD, JD Kieffer, SS Killen et al. 2007. Sub-lethal ammonia toxicity in largemouth bass. Comp Biochem Physiol A 146(3): 381-389.
  • Killen, SS, CD Suski, SJ Cooke et al. 2006. Factors contributing to the physiological disturbance in walleyes during simulated live-release angling tournaments. Trans Am Fish Soc 135(3): 557-569.
  • Morrissey, MB, CD Suski, KR Esseltine et al. 2005. Incidence and physiological consequences of decompression in smallmouth bass after live-release angling tournaments. Trans Am Fish Soc 134(4): 1038-1047.
  • Suski, CD, SS Killen, SJ Cooke et al. 2004. Physiological significance of the weigh-in during live-release angling tournaments for largemouth bass. Trans Am Fish Soc 133(6): 1291-1303. 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000