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Queen's University

Lonnie Aarssen - Professor

Aarssen.jpg Research: I have very broadly defined research interests ranging from reproductive ecology to community ecology of plants. I have also become interested recently in human ecology. I am particularly interested in the development of new hypotheses and conceptual models for the interpretation of adaptive strategies for growth, survival and reproduction in plants along environmental gradients and how these strategies help to explain patterns in the abundance, distribution and diversity of organisms, taxa, biomass and productivity within and between habitats.

»» Lab Website »« email: »« telephone: 613-533-6133 ««

Some Recent Publications: 

        • Nishizawa T, Aarssen L. 2013. The relationship between individual seed quality and maternal plant body size in crowded herbaceous vegetation. Journal of Plant Ecology doi: 10.1093/jpe/rtt042.
        • Lanfear R, Ho SYW, Davies TJ, Moles AT, Aarssen L, Swenson NG, Warman L, Zanne AE, Allen AP (2013) Taller plants have lower rates of molecular evolution.   Nature Communications  4:1879 doi: 10.1038/ncomms2836.
        • Dante SK, Schamp BS, Aarssen LW (2013) Evidence of deterministic assembly according to flowering time in an old-field plant community.  Functional Ecology 27: 555–564.
        • Aarssen LW (2013) Will empathy save us?  Biological Theory 7: 211-217.
        • Scott SL, Aarssen LW (2013) Leaf size versus leaf number trade-offs in dioecious angiosperms. Journal of Plant Ecology 6: 29-35.
        • Lortie CJ, Aarssen LW, Budden AE, Leimu R (2013) Do citations and impact factors relate to the real numbers in publications? A case study of citation rates, impact, and effect sizes in ecology and evolutionary biology. Scientometrics 94:675–682.
        • Aarssen LW, Lortie CJ (2012)  Science Open Reviewed: An online community connecting authors with reviewers for journals.  Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 5: 78-83.
        • Aarssen LW, Altman T (2012) Fertility preference inversely related to ‘legacy drive’ in women, but not men: Interpreting the evolutionary roots, and future, of the ‘childfree’ culture.  The Open Behavioral Science Journal 6: 37-43.
        • Yan E-R, Milla R, Aarssen LW, Wang X-H (2012) Functional relationships of leafing intensity to plant height, growth form and leaf habit.  Acta Oecologica 41: 20-29.
        • Lortie CJ, Aarssen LW, Parker JS, Allesina, S (2012) Good news for the people who love bad news: an analysis of the funding of the top 1% most highly cited ecologists. Oikos 121: 1005–1008.
        • Dombroskie SL, Aarssen LW (2012) The leaf size / number trade-off within species and within plants for woody angiosperms. Plant Ecology and Evolution 145: 38-45.
        • Waugh JM, Aarssen LW (2012) Size distributions and dispersions along a 485-year chronosequence for sand dune vegetation. Ecology and Evolution 2: 719-726.
        • Aarssen LW (2012) Reducing size to increasing number: a hypothesis for compound leaves.  Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 5: 1-5.
        • Scott SL, Aarssen LW (2012) Within-species leaf size / number trade-offs in herbaceous angiosperms. Botany 90: 223-235.

        Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000