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Queen's University

Departmental Faculty Members

Department Head: Dr. C.D. Moyes

Associate Head: Dr. S. Regan

Faculty Member

L.W. Aarssen


Plant ecology and evolution

S.E. Arnott


Aquatic ecology

T. Babak Integrative Cell Biology

W.G. Bendena


Insect molecular biology and biochemistry 

P.T. Boag   Ecological genetics of birds and mammals
F. Bonier Behaviour endocrinology & environmental physiology

I. Chin-Sang


Processes of morphogenesis

A. Chippindale


Evolutionary genetics and organismal biology

R. Colautti

B.F. Cumming


Aquatic ecology and paleolimnology

C.G. Eckert


Plant evolution and population genetics

V.L. Friesen


Molecular ecology and phylogenetics

P. Grogan

  Plant and ecosystem ecology

C.W. Hawryshyn

  Visual neurobiology and behaviour

K. Ko


Protein trafficking and functional proteomics

D.D. Lefebvre


Bioremediation and Contaminant Bioconversion

S.C. Lougheed


Diversification of neotropical amphibians and birds

P. Martin


Origins and Maintenance of Diversity

R.D. Montgomerie


Reproductive strategies

C.D. Moyes


Molecular physiology

W. Nelson


Evolutionary Ecology of Aquatic Systems

W.C. Plaxton


Plant metabolic biochemistry and molecular biology

L.M. Ratcliffe


Communication and social behaviour

S.M. Regan

   Molecular control of plant development

R.M. Robertson

  Integrative neurobiology / neural control of insect flight

L. Seroude


Molecular genetics of aging

J.P. Smol


Limnology and paleolimnology

W. A. Snedden


Plant molecular biology and signal transduction

B.L. Tufts


Fish physiology

V.K. Walker


Genetics and molecular biology of resistance

Y. Wang


Regulation of metabolism in animals

P.G. Young


Cell cycle genetics and molecular biology

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