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Queen's University

Lab Equipment & Services

DNA sequence Equipment
The Core facility contains two automated genotyping units: i. a LiCor slab-based automated genotyping system, and ii. a Beckman Coulter (CEQ 8000 Genetic Analysis System) capillary sequencer. Collectively the PI participants in the facility have over 10 thermal cyclers inc (PE, MJ Research and Beckman) including 2 gradient cyclers, and a range of basic laboratory equipment including vacuum centrifuges, incubators for library development, a Beckman Coulter Allegra X-15R Centrifuge, and a Nanodrop cuvette-free spectrophotometer.
Services (for Biology personnel only)
DNA sequencing ($4.50 per sample): price includes the reagents for the sequencing reaction and the costs associated with running the gel. "Clients" provide their own DNA primers, and set up the sequencing reactions themselves. Special reagents specific to the sequencing/genotyping systems are available from the Core. Turn around time is currently about one to two days.
DNA fragment analysis ($2.15 per sample): price includes the size standards and running of the gel (plates, gel buffer, etc.). It does not include the cost incurred to generate the amplified samples (e.g. fluorescent-labelled primers). Turn around time is currently about one to two days.

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