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Queen's University

Research Accomplished Using Core Facilities and Services

Research projects supported by our Core Facility

Current projects linked to our Core Facility include:

Frances Bonier. (PI): Breeding asynchrony and population differentiation in Andean birds [collaborator: Ignacio Moore]

Amy Chabot. Ph.D. thesis: The evolution and conservation significance of range-wide morphological and genetic variation in loggerhead shrikes, Lanius ludovicianus (Supervisor: Stephen C. Lougheed) Grad

Virginia Emery. B.Sc. thesis: Coevolution between Camissonia and a lepidopteran larval parasite. (Supervisor: Chris Eckert) Undergrad

Christine Genge. B.Sc. thesis: Regulation of bioenergetic gene expression in fish. (Supervisor: Chris Moyes) Undergrad

Jenna Kewin. B.Sc. thesis: Mate choice and kin interactions in peafowl. (Supervisor: Bob Montgomerie. Collaborator: Denise Michaud) Undergrad

Laura King. B.S.c thesis: Molecular systematics of Melanophryniscus rubriventris from the southern Andes. (Supervisor: Stephen C. Lougheed) Undergrad

Chris Le Moine.Ph.D. thesis: PGC-1 alpha and the evolution of the control of oxidative metabolism in vertebrates. (Supervisor: Chris Moyes) Grad

Alex Little. M.Sc. thesis: COX I, II and III coevolution in fish. (Co-supervisors: Chris Moyes and S.C. Lougheed) Grad

Rosamond Lougheed.B.S.c thesis: Testing the relation between variation in neutral DNA markers and measures of fitness in snakes. (Supervisor: Stephen C. Lougheed) Undergrad

Steve Lougheed(PI): Landscape genetics and the scale of gene flow in the spring peeper, Pseudacris crucifer, in eastern Ontario.

Paul Martin (PI). Latitudinal variation in extra-pair paternity in birds [collaborators: Fran Bonier (Queen's), Ignacio Moore (Virginia Tech), Caroline Dingle (Cambridge), Eliot Miller (Yanayacu), Harold Greeney (Yanayacu), Steve Lougheed (Queen's), Bob Montgomerie (Queen's)].

Katherine McKereghan-Dares.B.S.c thesis: Diversification and spoeciation in crowned sparrows (Supervisors: Stephen C. Lougheed & Paul Martin) Undergrad

Jamie Morris-Pocock. Global phylogeography of brown and red-footed boobies. M.Sc. thesis: (Supervisor: Vicki Friesen) Grad

Cameron Robertson.B.S.c thesis: Sex-biased dispersal in eastern foxsnakes (Supervisor: Stephen C. Lougheed) Undergrad

Jeff Row.Ph.D. thesis: Landscape and conservation genetics of eastern foxsnakes (Supervisor: Stephen C. Lougheed) Grad

Scott Taylor. Ph.D. thesis: Testing the criteria for parapatric speciation using two species of tropical seabird: blue-footed and Peruvian boobies. (Supervisor: Vicki Friesen) Grad

Past projects/theses

Anna Bailie. B.Sc. thesis.: Population genetics of the Leach's storm petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) as a model system. (Supervisor: Vicki Friesen) Undergrad

Katie Geale. B.Sc. thesis: Molecular phylogeny of sierra-finches (Phrygilus): Diversification among plumage groups in the Andes Mountains. (Supervisor: Stephen C. Lougheed) Undergrad

Elena Gomez-Diaz. Ph.D. thesis: Population genetics of the Madeiran storm-petrels. (Supervisor: Vicki Friesen) Grad and visiting scientist

Anita Melnyk.B.Sc. thesis: The effect of data partitioning on Bayesian phylogenetic inference of the Lithobates catesbeiana species group. (Supervisor: Stephen C. Lougheed) Undergrad


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