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    The Biology Capstone Seminar

    The Biology Capstone Seminar series was established in 2007 with seed funding from the Faculty of Arts and Science as a Capstone Experience Pilot Project.  This formalized the custom of inviting occasional external speakers to address the Biology undergraduate thesis class (BIOL 537).  Each year the Capstone Seminar is organized by a committee of volunteers from this class.  In consultation with their classmates, other students and faculty members, the committee selects and invites a high profile speaker to address the Biology graduating class around the end of the winter term.  The seminar is advertised widely on campus and is open to the whole Queen’s community.  A reception after the seminar allows the students to interact informally with the speaker.

    The 2015 Biology Capstone Seminar Speaker

    The Biology Capstone Seminar 2015 is scheduled for Friday March 20th, 3:00pm, Bioscience Complex, Room 1102. This year the Capstone speaker is Dr. Leigh Revers, a Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology and Associate Director of the Master of Biotechnology (MBiotech) Program at the Universoty of Toronto. 

    The 2015 Queen’s Biology Capstone Lecture Series Committee is excited about the event and would like to invite you to share in this excitement!

    We hope to see you there!

    2015 Queen’s Biology Capstone Lecture Series Committee

    Previous Capstone Seminar Speakers:

    DrJeffHutchings.png 2013-2014 - Jeff Hutchings a professor and renowned biologist. Dr. Hutchings will be giving an inspiring talk regarding the importance of biology and research in our lives.

    2012-13 - Severn Cullis-Suzuki is a high profile advocate for environmental and social justice, and a best-selling author.

    From Reductionism to Interdependence:  Putting Our World Back Together.


    2011/12 – Bob McDonald, Science journalist and host of CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks”


    What if everything you know is wrong?


    2010/11 – Freda Miller, Canada Research Chair in Developmental Neurobiology and HHMI International Research Scholar, Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto


    Neural stem cells: from development to repair.


    2009/10 – Armand M. Leroi, Professor of Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Imperial College London, UK


    The soul of the worm.


    2007/08 – Michael Ruse, Lucycle T. Werkmeister Professor, Department of Philosophy, Florida State University


    My life and times as an evolutionist.


    2005/06 – Peter Zandstra, Canada Research Chair in Stem Cell Bioengineering, Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, University of Toronto


    It’s in the numbers: systematic approaches to predicting and CONTROLLING stem cell output.


    2004/05 – Stephen Strauss, Globe and Mail science correspondent


    What would Biology’s Einstein do?


    2003/04 – Jay Ingram, Host of the Daily Planet, Discovery Channel


    Communicating science in the popular media.




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