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Stauffer Accessibility

outside of Stauffer LibraryAccess to Stauffer Library

The Union Street, University Avenue (north corner), and Albert Street entrances into Stauffer Library are wheelchair accessible. These entrances are equipped with ramps and automatic door openers. See the map of the ground floor of Stauffer Library.


There are three metered accessible parking spaces available on Albert Street at Union Street.

Drinking Fountains

Wheelchair accessible drinking fountains are available on each floor of the library. Drinking fountains are located in alcoves so that they do not cause a hazard for persons with visual impairments.


Elevators in the library are wheelchair accessible. Elevators provide access to all floors in the library. Controls inside all elevators are Brailled. As well, there are large raised and brailled numbers located on each elevator. A computerized voice indicates which direction the elevator is going and when it is stopping on a floor.

Public Service Desks

The Circulation Desk is designed to provide "split-level" service. The Research Help Desk is wheelchair accessible. Both desks are clearly visible and easily accessed from the Library's entrance.


Aisles between book stacks are continuous and provide sufficient clearance for persons in wheelchairs or on crutches.

Main Staircase

A continuous handrail is provided.


Wheelchair accessible pay phones are located in the Loggia and on each floor of the Library. All pay phones in the Library have adjustable volume controls for those individuals who are hard of hearing. A Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD/TTY) is located in the Assistant's office, Room 120c. The number is (613) 533-3344.


All washrooms in the building are wheelchair accessible.


Manual height-adjustable workstations are found on each floor of the library.

Fire Alarms

Visual fire alarms are dispersed throughout the building.