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Alec Aldrich, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Seventeenth-Century Dutch and Flemish Art, History of Printmaking/Print Culture, Rembrandt
Undergraduate Experience: Vassar College, A.B. with Departmental Honours in Art History
Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie Dickey

Sarah Alford

Sarah Alford, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: Art Botany in 19th century British Design Reform
Major Fields of Interest: Craft and Design reform in 19th-21st century Britain and North America, Visual and Material Culture, Critical Theory
Graduate Experience: School of the Art Institute of Chicago: MFA Studio; MA Visual and Critical Studies
Undergraduate Experience: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University: BFA Jewellery and Metalsmithing; BA Art History
Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland

Amber Berson

Magdalyn Asimakis, Ph.D Student

Major Fields of Interest: Modern portraiture, fin-de-siècle print culture, contemporary art, institutional critique and curatorial practice
Graduate Experience: University of Victoria, M.A., Art History (2010)
Undergraduate Experience: University of Toronto, B.A. (Honours), Major in Art History, Major in History (2007)
Supervisor: Dr. Allison Morehead

Amber Berson

Amber Berson, Ph.D Candidate

Dissertation Topic: A Case for Utopian Dreaming: A Study of Labour Issues, Diversity and Community within Canadian Artist-Run Centres
Major Fields of Interest: Artist-run centres, Artist-run culture in Canada, Canadian contemporary art, institutional critique, feminist art, utopian theory
Graduate Experience: Concordia University, M.A. Art History (2010)
Undergraduate Experience: Concordia University, B.F.A. Art History (2008)
Supervisor: Dr. Susan Lord and Dr. Carla Taunton

Magdalena Berthet, M.A.Candidate
Major Fields of Interest: Modern Latin-American Art, gender history and theory, museum and curatorial practices, International Contemporary Art.
Undergraduate experience: BFA Painting and Drawing, Art History, Concordia University (2014)
Supervisor: Dr. Allison Morehead

Lauren Bird

Lauren Bird, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: "Embodying Otherness: Fashion, Performance, and the Ballets Russes in Paris, 1909-1914
Major Fields of Interest: 19th and 20th c. Orientalism in visual culture; performance and embodiment; fashion history; dance history; material culture; queer theory & feminism.
Graduate Experience: M.A. Art History, Concordia University (2014)
Undergraduate Experience: BA Art History; BFA Fine Art, Concordia University (2012); DEC Fine Art, Dawson College (2009)
Supervisor: Dr. Allison Morehead, Dr. Janice Helland

Rose Brown

Rose Brown, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Cultural heritage, conservation principles, UNESCO, object biography, collective memory, cultural loss, Inka architecture, the city of Cusco, 17th and 18th century Andean art
Undergraduate Experience: Queen's University, B.A. (honours), major in art history (2015)
Supervisor: Dr. Cathleen Hoeniger

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Jennifer Burgess, PhD. Candidate

Andrew Burton, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: The art of Egon Schiele; The Vienna Secession; artistic cult followings; photographs of artists; modern European art; museums and collecting
Undergraduate Experience: Queen’s University, B.A.H. Art History (major), History (minor), 2017 
Supervisor: Dr. Allison Morehead

Melanie Buteau, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: Georges Braque's Diaries: A New Perspective on Cubism
Major Fields of Interest: Modern art, its histories and historiographies; 19th and 20th century French avant-gardism; critical theory and interpretation 
Graduate Experience: M.A. Art History, Carleton University (2013)
M.A. Major Research Paper Title: “Perceptual Privileging in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Cézanne: An Art Historical and Philosophical Review.”
Undergraduate Experience: BA Honours, Art History, Carleton University (2011)
Supervisor: Dr. Allison Morehead

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Gabriel Cheung, Ph.D. Candidate

Brendan Cull, Ph.D. Student


Major Fields of Interest: Nineteenth-century photography, Canadian science images, botanical illustration, visual culture of science, international networks of science and art.
Graduate Experience: M.A. Art History (2015), Queen's University
Undergraduate Experience: B.Sc. Honours, major in Biology with a minor in Art History (2012); B.Ed. (Concurrent Education), Primary and Junior Divisions (2013); Queen’s University.
Supervisor: Dr. Joan M. Schwartz


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Amanda Di Sabintino, M.A. Candidate

Marla Dobson, Ph.D. Candidate


Major Fields of Interest: Nineteenth-century British Art, Victorian genre painting, Collecting and exhibition practices, History of museums.
Graduate Experience: M.A., Museum Studies, University of Toronto (2010)
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. Honours, major in History, minor in French, Carleton University (2007)
Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland


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Elizabeth Fawcett, M.A. Candidate

Kennis Forte, Ph.D. Candidate, 


Dissertation Topic: “Experiencing & Performing Counter-Reformation Spirituality at the Italian Sacri Monti”
Major Fields of Interest: Sculpture in Italy during the 16th and 17th centuries, The Sacri Monti, Counter-Reformation Art, Art and Spirituality, and Baroque Sculpture
Graduate Experience: Queen’s University, M.A. Art History (2015)  

Rachael Havens, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: French eighteenth-century art and architecture; Art and culture of the Rococo; Women as artists, collectors, and patrons; Sociability and the Salon; Femininity and gender
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. (Honours), Art History, Queen's University (2017)
Supervisor: Dr. Gauvin Bailey



Caylen Ferguson Heckel, Ph.D. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Renaissance European Art, cross-cultural contact, gender and sexuality
Graduate Experience: M.A. Art History, Queen's University (2013)
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. Honours, Art History, Queen's University (2010)
Supervisor: Dr. Una D'Elia and Dr. Stephanie Dickey

Astrid Hobill, Ph.D. Student

Major Fields of Interest: 
Undergraduate Experience: 

Kaitlin Hutton, M.A. Candidate

Major Field of Research: 18th century French portraiture, focusing on the education of Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun 
Undergraduate Experience: Queen’s University (Class of 2016)
Supervisor: Dr. Gauvin Bailey


Anouk Jonker, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Technical art history, museum studies
Major Research Paper Topic: The history of analyzing brushstrokes in pursuit of a scientific method of attribution
Undergraduate Experience: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, with honours from California College of the Arts (2011); Professional Specialization Certificate in Collections Management, University of Victoria (2014)
Supervisor: Dr. Ron Spronk

Cynthia Kais, Ph.D. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Fourteenth and Fifteenth-Century Burgundian Court Art, Technical Art History
Graduate Experience: Sotheby's Institute of ARt in London: MA in Fine and Decorative Art specializing in Old Master Paintings (2014)
Undergraduate Experience: University of Windsor, B.A. (Honours) in Visual Arts and Art History (2012)
Supervisor: Dr. Ron Spronk

Beth Knazook, Ph.D. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Nineteenth-century photography,   photographically illustrated books, book history and print culture, photographic archives, conservation of photographs
Graduate Experience: Ryerson University and George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, M.A. Photographic Preservation and Collections Management (2007)
Undergraduate Experience: University of Toronto, B.A. (Honours) Fine Art History, minor in Medieval Studies (2005)
Supervisor: Dr. Joan M. Schwartz


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Jillian Lanthier, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: 
Major Fields of Interest: 
Graduate Experience: 
Undergraduate Experience: 

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Casey Lee, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: 
Major Fields of Interest: 
Graduate Experience: 
Undergraduate Experience: 

Rosemary Legge, Ph.D. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Rococo art and culture, mirrors in 18th century interiors, Indigenous Canadian art, contemporary museum practices, and decolonization of the museum
Undergraduate Experience: Mount Allison University, B.A. (double major) in Art History and Fine Art, minor in Anthropology (2015)
Supervisor: Dr. Gauvin A. Bailey

Isabel Luce

Isabel Luce, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: "Picturing Domesticity: An Investigation of household objects in the Victorian home"
Major Fields of Interest: Canadian women artists, Material Culture, Victorian Interiors,19th- century and early 20th- century Canadian and British art, artist networks in Canada and England, Feminist and Post-Colonial theory 
Graduate Experience: MA Art History and Curatorial Studies at York University (2014)
MA Major Research Paper Title: "Collaborative Portraits and Montreal’s Anglophone Elite: An examination of the artistic career of Gertrude Des Clayes (1879- 1949)"
Undergraduate Experience: BA Honours Art History and Major in Canadian Studies at McGill University (2012) 
Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland

Eleanor Mackie, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Medieval Art, Romanesque and Gothic France, Theology, Art of the Crusades, Pilgrimage, Martyrs and Saints, Relics and Reliquaries, Miracle Working Objects, Aesthetics of Light. 
Undergraduate Experience: Queen's University, B.A. (Honours), Major in Art History, Minor in History (2016)
Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Reeve

Chantal Manna, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: "Performances of Power: Ephemera and the Decorative Arts in Queen Christa of Sweden's Rome" 
Major Fields of Interest: Italian Renaissance and Baroque art, visual and material culture, Ephemera, issues of sexuality and gender
Undergraduate Experience: University of Toronto, B.A. (Honours) Art History, Renaissance Studies, French (2011)
Graduate Experience: Queen's University, M.A. Art History (2013)
Supervisor: Dr. Gauvin Bailey


Ben McHutchion, M.A. Candidate

Areas of interest: Cultural heritage and its conservation, visual culture of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Europe and the Americas, British settler societies, American history, visual symbolism in politics and popular culture.
Undergraduate experience:  University of Alberta, B.A. History (2014)

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Steven McNeill, Ph.D. Candidate

Carolijn Mensing, Ph.D. Candidate


Major Fields of Interest: 15th and 16th century Netherlandish painting, prints and drawings, 16th century Portuguese art, Technical art history and the scientific examination of artworks, the art market in the Early Modern period, intercultural relationships.
Graduate Experience: MA ‘Art, market and connoisseurship’, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2012) 
Undergraduate Experience: BA ‘Art History’, Utrecht University, The Netherlands (2011), minor in communications
Supervisor: Prof. Ron Spronk 

Heather Merla, Ph.D. Candidate


Major Fields of Interest: Early Modern Italian visual culture, the history of science and medicine, monstrosity and the grotesque, intersections between literature and art.
Graduate Experience: M.A., Queen’s University (2011)
M.A. Major Research Paper Title: "Aberrant Identities: The Gonzales Family in Text and Image"
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. Honours, Art History, University of Guelph (2008)
Supervisor: Dr. Una D’Elia

Andrea Morgan, Ph.D. Student

Research Topic: European early modern, and specifically 17th c. Dutch art and 18th c. British art.
Research Interests: Rembrandt's reception in England, the circulation and manipulation of Rembrandt's prints and paintings, the history of collecting, print culture, and museum studies. 
Undergraduate Experience: James Madison University, B.A. (honors) Art History, concentration in Museum Studies (2014)
Graduate Experience: Tufts University, M.A .Art History (2016)
Supervisor: Stephanie Dickey

Anna-Maria Moubayed, Ph.D. Candidate


Dissertation Topic: "The Bodies of Eve, Luxury, and Sirens in French Medieval Sculpture"
Major Fields of Interest: Medieval Art, Eve, Women, Romanesque and Gothic France, Theology, Body, Beauty, Spolia, Romances, Pagan influences and Christianity, Cross-cultural Exchange, Art of the Crusades
Graduate Experience: Concordia University, M.A. Art History (2010)
M.A. Thesis: "Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue co-Cathedral: Christianity, Victorian Gothic Revival, and Quebec's Hybrid Culture"
Undergraduate Experience: Concordia University, B.F.A. with Distinction, major in Art History and minor in Classical Archaeology (2007)
Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Reeve

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Joshua Nelson, Ph.D. Candidate
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Meghan O'Neill, M.A. Candidate
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Norah Peterson, Ph.D. Candidate

Sheilagh Quaile, Ph.D. Student


Thesis Title: “Paisley, Scotland’s nineteenth-century shawl designers: innovators or imitators?”
Major Fields of Interest: Textiles, material culture, design, industry, labour, and globalisation during the long nineteenth century (c.1750 to 1914)
Graduate Experience: MA Art History, Queen’s University (2015). Thesis: “Wrapped in import: Kashmiri shawls in British paintings of the long nineteenth century.”
Undergraduate Experience: BA (Hons) with distinction – major in History, minors in Art History and Studio Art, University of Guelph (2014).
Supervisor: Professor Janice Helland

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Peter Rotundo, M.A. Candidate
Jennifer Rutkair, Ph.D. Candidate

Nina Schroeder, Ph.D. Candidate


Dissertation Topic: Anabaptist Visual Culture and Mennonite Engagement with Art in the Dutch Golden Age
Major Fields of Interest: Dutch Baroque history painting, Rembrandt and his circle, portraiture, sixteenth-century Netherlandish iconoclasm, and relationships between art and religious practice.
Graduate Experience: University of Oxford, M.St. History of Art and Visual Culture (2013)
Undergraduate Experience: Canadian Mennonite University, major in English literature with minors in music, theology, and psychology (2012)
Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie Dickey

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Alexandra Simpson, Ph.D. Candidate
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Emily Smith, M.A. Candidate

Erin Wall, Ph.D. Candidate


Major Fields of Interest: 19th- and early 20th- century Canadian visual and material culture; the construction, narration and imagining of Canadian identity; Canada and the British Empire; object biographies; art historiography; postcolonial studies; museum studies
Major Research Paper Title: 'A Charm to Canadian Winter Life': Identity, Exclusion, and Canadian Sleighs at the Great Exhibition of 1851"
Graduate Experience: M.A., Art History, Queen's University (2014) 
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. Honours, Art History with a minor in English, McMaster University (2011)
Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland

Frances Wallace, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Illicit activities concerning cultural objects, including theft, forgery, looting and trafficking; cultural heritage preservation 

Undergraduate Experience: University of Alberta B.A. Anthropology (2012), University of Alberta J.D. (2016)

Supervisor: Dr. Cathleen Hoeniger 

Shannon Welsh, M.A. Candidate
Undergraduate Experience: University of British Columbia, Okanagan, B.A. Major in Art History, Minor in History (2016)
Research Interests: Italian Renaissance, Baroque Art, women artists, visual and material culture, feminist theory

Meaghan E. M. Whitehead, Ph.D. Candidate


Dissertation Topic: "Painted Cycles in the Residences of Henry III of England (1216-1272)"
Major Fields of Interest: Western medieval art and architecture, Plantagenet and Capetian court culture, relationships between art and liturgy, kingship, medieval wall painting, art of the crusades.
Graduate Experience: Queen’s University, M.A. Art History (2012)
M.A. Major Research Paper Title: "The Wheel of Fortune in Medieval English Art and Literature"
Undergraduate Experience: Queen’s University, B.A.H. Art History, History (2010)
Supervisor: Dr. Matthew M. Reeve