• [Human Media Lab]

Human Media Lab

An Inspiring Learning Environment

Opened in May 2012, the Human Media Lab is the world’s first ‘boutique’ laboratory, designed to inspire students through an innovative and creative workplace environment that doubles as a user interface.

One of the laboratory’s main features is an interactive flexible display that uses in-air gestures to control movement on the screen. The space is the result of a collaboration between famed industrial designer, Karim Rashid, and Roel Vertegaal, a School of Computing professor and director of the Queen’s Human Media Lab.

  • [Professor Roel Vertegaal]
    Human Media Lab Director Roel Vertegaal demonstrates some of the lab’s technology.
  • [Climate Change Globe]
    Using technology developed at the HML, students created an interactive globe.
  • [A place to gather in the  Human Media Lab]
    The lab’s design supports creative thinking.
  • [Human Media Lab Opening]
    Members of the Queen’s community experience HML during an open house.
  • [Human Media Lab Couch and Walls]
    The lab features different learning and collaborating spaces.
  • [Human Media Lab Designer]
    Famed industrial designer Karim Rashid attended the lab’s opening.

Reseachers at the Human Media Lab have developed a new smartphone called MorePhone. MorePhone can morph its shape to give users a silent, yet visual, cue of an incoming phone call, text message or email.

[flexible smart phone]