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Queen's University


Here is what a recent donor had to say:

“It was clear to me that Topher deeply values Queen’s and the impact donors have on his student experience. Although I regularly interact with Queen’s students, staff, faculty, and alumni, seeing the university through his eyes encouraged me to say “yes” to giving last night when I might have otherwise declined.” - Katie (ArtSci'09)


Here is what our caller's have to say

QTS is a positive atmosphere where we collaborate with one another by sharing tips and feedback and encourage motivation in one another through games and friendly competition. Lots of fun and high energy! - Sydney (ArtSci ’17)



Joining QTS is easily one of the best decisions I made at Queen’s. Being in a call room with 30 other students from every faculty meant I had friends wherever I went on campus, and between them and the resources I found out about through QTS I learned so much about Queen’s from secret events to the best clubs. Talking with alumni was another huge bonus, I learned the best tips about living in Kingston, and got to compare my experiences with someone 10 years graduated. All that, and a flexible work week and great pay? I can’t believe more people aren’t clamoring for this job. – Topher (ArtSci ’14)


Working at QTS helped me establish a personal connection to the alumni we are calling, a connection that I would have never made on my own. The alumni are amazing people who give so much back to students - Chandler (ArtSci’17)



People always ask me ‘So do you just call strangers and ask for money?’ Not at all. First off, these are not strangers. These are people who know first hand what it means to be a Gael. They have walked the same halls, taken the same courses and have experienced the same Queen’s traditions that we have. Like us, Queen’s was their home and it is because of that bond that they could never be strangers. Also, we don’t ‘ask for money.’ Our goal is to connect with our alumni, remind them of the great times they shared at Queen’s and to give them the opportunity to ensure that future generations can have the same amazing Queen’s experience by supporting the various funds of this university. - Khalif (ArtSci ’14)


As my first job, I have found QTS to be generous to me as a QTS Caller. I’ve received supportive guidance on my performance as a professional in a white-collar setting. I’ve also garnered impressive stats for my resume from my individual fundraising totals.  In my future as a Caller, I hope to advance through the QTS ranks to achieve a leadership position. Come work at QTS for your first forays into working life! - Isis (ArtSci ’18)

teamQTSshot.jpgPictured from left to right: Isis ArtSci'18, Sydney ArtSci'17, Chandler ArtSci'17, Topher ArtSci'14 and Khalif ArtSci'14.


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