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The Queen's experience in China
[photo of Dr. Zhiyao Zhang]An update from the Queen's China Liaison Office, plus...an overview of current Queen's research and learning opportunities in China.
How the El Greco came to Queen's
[detail of The Adoration of the Shepherds painting]Dr. Alfred Bader tells how he discovered the painting that turned out to be an important early El Greco.
Franklin's ships discovered in Watson Hall
[cover photo for the book "As affecting the fate of my late husband..."]Erika Behrisch Elce, MA'97, PhD'02 (English), shares how she first discovered Franklin's ships through the correspondence between Lady Franklin and Benjamin Disraeli.

Alumni Spotlights

Elliott Kerr, MBA'75
[Elliott Kerr in his office]In business, like sport, the path to success requires perseverance – and often a good chase.
The power of a word
[photo of Paul Hetherington and Taylor Redmond]Paul Etherington and his colleagues at Motionball are asking Canadians to eliminate a hurtful word from their vocabularies.
Kyle Gonyou, Artsci'10, MPL'12
[photo of Kyle Gonyou]Kyle Gonyou, Artsci’10 (Art History), MPL’12 is a heritage planner for the City of London, Ont.

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The Queen’s Tactile Therapy Club (TTC) had its first reunion in Kingston this August. The members of the TTC were PhD students in the psychology department in the mid-1980s to mid-1990s.


Allison Dunbar, Artsci’07, is an actor turned entrepreneur.


Mark Rosenberg's work in China focuses on issues surrounding the changing demographics of the country and the needs of the elderly population.


This year marks the 30-year anniversary for the iconic Canadian band, Blue Rodeo, and it’s a milestone, Jim Cuddy, Artsci’78, does not take lightly.


In business, like sport, the path to success requires perseverance – and often a good chase.


It was family lore that the Queen's ring of Uncle Bud (E.A. "Bud" Thomas, BCom 1926) was at the bottom of Danford Lake.

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