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Alison Migneault - Marketing coordinator

Portrait of Alison Mineault

As a marketing coordinator at Queen’s, Alison Migneault spends her days working with people right across campus. “I work with people both inside and outside the Office of Advancement with their marketing projects” she explains. “I make sure they are communicating what we want to communicate about Queen’s.”

But whether she’s overseeing an advertising campaign or working on the university’s ‘viewbook’ (the guide that gets handed out to high school students), Migneault says the the best part of the job is definitely getting to engage with people working in all kinds of different capacities within the university.

“I love meeting researchers and professors and hearing about the stuff that they do every day,” she says, describing a position that she says allows her to balance creativity with problem solving. “I also really love being able to work with designers and videographers on the creative side of things, making sure that it’s all executed properly.”

A Kingston native, Migneault has a background in communications, as well as a Master’s degree in Canadian Studies. Though she earned it at Carleton, she worked closely with Queen’s professor Blaine Allan, and the two met regularly at the Grad Club on campus --giving her a vicarious Queen’s experience. “I always enjoyed the academic environment,” she says. “So I always kept my eye out for a job at Queen’s”.

Migneault says she loves her job’s variety and the automomy she has in managing her projects, while also collaborating closely with her colleagues. Since joining the team at Queen’s more than four years ago, she’s most satisfied with the fact that she’s been able to incorporate more video into the university’s marketing strategy. “It’s been fun doing that,” she says. “Our videos have had a big impact in terms of audience, and I’ve really had the opportunity to be the lead on that stuff.”

For Migneault, both the job and and the city fit her personality and lifestyle perfectly. “Kingston is a city with a great balance. It’s got lots of culture, great outdoor spaces, and big city amenities without the chaotic feel of a larger city,” she explains. “I love the people I work with and my department. It’s a fascinating environment where I’m constantly working with new people and learning new things.”

She says there is also great satisfaction in doing work that promotes a worthy cause: education. “It’s really gratifying knowing that the product you are promoting is a genuinely good product,” she laughs. “I would say that at this point, I can’t imagine working anywhere else!”

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000

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