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Working in Advancement

Staff in Advancement build support for Queen's. Raising funds, inspiring benefactors, engaging with alumni and friends and telling the Queen's story to the nation are among Advancement staff's daily work.

Links below detail the type of work done in each Advancement department.

We also hear from students about the impact alumni and benefactors have on their lives. Students regularly send notes of thanks to benefactors, telling them about the importance of their gift to their educational experiences at Queen's:

When I entered into Medical School, I had a faint idea of what medicine entailed, and which fields interested me. Now, three and a half years later, I have fallen more and more in love with the field than I had ever imagined. Since the beginning of clerkship this past January, I have had ample reinforcement that indeed, this is where I should be.

My current areas of interest are: optimizing management of type II diabetes in special populations, access to health care of marginalized populations (homeless, immigrants, refugees), as well as reproductive health and antenatal care in adolescents.

Once I graduate from medicine, I will carry the status of being a Queen's Alumnus proudly. Given the need for primary care practitioners in Ontario, my current aspirations are to pursue family medicine with a fellowship in women's and reproductive health with obstetrics. My hope is that this career path will afford me the flexibility to take care of a variety of patient populations while being able to have a family while continuing to play an active role in my community.

The lay public often has an unrealistic idea of what salaries physicians are able to make, while failing to acknowledge not only the incredible debt load we shoulder, but also the opportunity cost of remaining in post-secondary education for so many years. I do not come from a medical family, nor are any of my friends and colleagues from home pursuing a similar career path.

As a result, there isn't as much support or knowledge of the sacrifices that my peers and I make to pursue our dreams. This bursary has allowed me to feel the pinch of my debt load that much less, and has encouraged me to continue down this path with the knowledge that someone who has been down this road before appreciates the work that I and other medical students like me put into our work.

 I can't thank you enough for your generosity and the positive impact you have had on my studies. Moreso than all of the prior universities that I have attended, what makes Queen's so unique is level of alumni involvement. I can honestly say that Queen's has fostered more pride in me than my other alma maters combined, and I look forward to being able to inspire a student with my generosity the way you have inspired me. Thank you.

- Melanie, 3rd year medical student and recipient of the Dr. and Mrs. Frank D. Newell Scholarship 

 Currently, I am interested in sub-Arctic wetland environments. I will be carrying out a undergraduate thesis where I will be researching landscape variables which determine a productive habitat for the northern wood frog population and various waterfowl species that visit Southwestern Yukon, specifically in the Kluane Region.

Once I complete my degree I hope to be enrolled in Queen's outdoor Education program which will hopefully propel me into the field of environmental education either in schools or through Park's Canada, Duck's Unlimited, etc. I also wish to carry out future research in the north, examining wetland habitats.

 This award has made my financial issues, which is a burden experienced by many students, very minimal. It will allow me to carry out other activities such as volunteering in Professor Ryan Danby's lab, where I will be exposed to many different arctic projects. It has allowed me the chance to make connections with Professors and Grad Students that I would have been unable to do because of trying to manage my finances. This award also helps out my family back in Nova Scotia as they are less financially strapped after already putting my older sister through University.

A student for a short time, family for a lifetime. This is the saying that we hold at Queen's Telefundraising Services where I work during the school year. Experiencing the generosity of Alumni first hand makes me want to work even harder, say thank you even louder and experience all that Queen's has to offer. Your donation to my studies will not be wasted. I am honoured to be chosen to carry this scholarship and someday hope to return it to another deserving student.

- Lucas, recipient of the  A. Charles Baillie Environmental Studies Scholarship


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For general inquiries about Office of Advancement events and programs, please call our Contact Centre at 1-800-267-7837 (toll free in Canada or the US), or 613-533-2060.