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Queen's University

Why University?

Students on campusBy 2020, more than 70% of all new jobs - even entry-level positions - will need some post-secondary education or skills-training. As you begin to research your post-secondary options, you'll hear this statistic a lot - and it's true! A post-secondary degree or diploma is something that will last you for life, and open a lot of doors that might otherwise be closed. However, while getting a job is often the end goal, it's important to look at the various options available, and find the right fit for you! Read more about future opportunities here.


Canada has 95 accredited universities, including Ontario's 19 publicly-funded universities. Each university has its own unique offering of programs, as well as its own special atmosphere. In addition to being a formative personal life experience, achieving a university degree will demonstrate to future employers your ability to think critically and analytically, problem solve, work effectively in a team or individually, and generally engage at a high intellectual level.

Where to start? As you explore your university options, consider these factors in your decision, and the kinds of campus activities available at each school - remember, university is about more than books and exams!

How do I know what I should study? First, consider the subjects you enjoy and do well at in school. Then, check out the Queen's Career Services website website for more information on the various career opportunities available upon completing each program. There are resources for both undergraduate and graduate options.


There are 24 colleges in Ontario and over 170 community colleges, technical institutes and CEGEPs (Quebec) across Canada. There are hundreds of programs available to students at colleges, ranging from Marketing to the Culinary Arts, from Veterinary Technician training to Computer Programming. Check college websites and visit their campuses to find out about their programs.


There are many job opportunities available in the skilled trades, and great provincial government programs to help get you there! In Ontario, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) begins working with students as early as in Grade 11 or 12 through Co-Ops to help find out what’s right for you. If you’re from outside Ontario, here is a list of each province’s apprenticeship programs.

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