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Queen's University

Student Affairs

With Student Affairs, the only subject is you

University education is made up of more than classes and assignments.

Queen's Student Affairs is dedicated to making each student's educational experience truly complete. Simply put, a mind needs more than facts and figures to keep it healthy. Equally important are the experiences and friendships students gain through social, athletic and community activities. These many threads make up the fabric of life at Queen's, and weaving them together is both challenging and exciting.

The services of Student Affairs offer support resources, assistance, and opportunities to help students pull the threads of life together. They offer places to go when classes are over. They provide places to turn when the mind needs a rest and the soul needs attention. They keep life grounded so that the imagination can soar. 

Student Affairs is:

  • Independence and Student Life 
  • Health and Wellness 
  • Home, Living and Accommodation 
  • Belonging, Diversity and Culture 
  • Support and Understanding of Faith and Spirit 
  • Confidence, Leadership and Service 
  • Citizenship and Student-Community Relations

Student Affairs web site.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000