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The QuARMS Selection Process FAQ

When and how will the 10 candidates for QuARMS be selected?

  • Early February: The Chancellor's Scholarship Selection Committee will adjudicate all Chancellor's Scholarship applications and rank all Chancellor's nominees.
  • Mid-February: Approximately one third of the top ranked Chancellor's Scholarship/QuARMS nominees will be contacted by email and invited to submit a supplementary QuARMS application for consideration by the QuARMS Admission Committee.  Students will have 2 weeks to complete and submit the QuARMS application which must be received late February.
  • Mid-March: A select group of applicants (40-50) will be invited to participate in an interview with a QuARMS Interview Team (typically 3 members on the team) from the School of Medicine.
  • Early April: Invited candidates will meet with the Interview Team at the Queen's School of Medicine. 
  • Early May:  The 10 students selected for admission to QuARMS will be notified.

Will my offer of admission to the programs I have applied to be delayed until the 10 candidates are selected for QuARMS?

No, all admissible Chancellor's Scholarship nominees will be eligible for early offers of admission by mid- February.  We will assess you for Queen's grade-based or need-based awards, at the time you are offered admission.

When will the QuARMS interviews take place for the 40-50 selected candidates?

The QuARMS Interview Team will be interviewing candidates early April.

Do I have to attend my interview in person (i.e. do I have to come to campus or can I do it by phone or Skype)?

All interviews will be conducted on campus at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

What will the QuARMS interview entail?  How can I prepare?

You have already done much of the preparation for the interview!  Be prepared to speak about:

  • Commitment to service
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Ability to relate to people
  • Exceptional leadership
  • Diversity of your interests
  • Humility, altruism, humanism, and curious nature

Note:  the interview process for QuARMS will include a Multi Mini Interview (MMI).  

Can I defer my offer of admission to QuARMS if accepted?

Requests for deferred registration to QuARMS will not be considered. Given the limited size and the structure of the first two years of the QuARMS curriculum, students must be prepared to make the commitment to QuARMS.  Only in extenuating circumstances (i.e. medical) will a request to defer registration to QuARMS be reviewed.

If I am granted a Major Admission Award (i.e. Chancellor's Scholarship), will my scholarship be available to me for 4 years even if I am selected for QuARMS and only complete 2 years of my undergraduate degree program?

Yes.  All Queen's Major Admission Awards are renewable for 4 years, subject to you meeting the renewal conditions after each year of study.


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