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Queen's University

Geological Engineering

This program applies principles and techniques of the earth sciences to tasks such as extracting mineral and energy resources, preventing soil and water contamination, managing natural hazards, and building infrastructure with, or within, earth materials.

You will study physics, chemistry, applied mathematics and natural processes such as earthquakes, volcanoes, continental drift and mountain formation. You will also acquire field skills and training in state-of -the-art geological analysis tools.

Areas of specialization include applied geophysics, geo-environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering and mineral and energy exploration.

Career Possibilities:

  • Agriculture;
  • alternate energy;Geological.jpg
  • architecture;
  • climatology;
  • coastal engineering;
  • construction;
  • environmental consulting;
  • excavation;
  • explosives;
  • forestry;
  • meteorology;
  • mine design;
  • nuclear engineering;
  • oil and gas/petroleum;
  • paleontology;
  • planetary science;
  • and volcanology.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000