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December 2013 Newsletter

As this newsletter is being written, our students are busy finishing final projects and papers and writing exams. Everyone is ready for the winter break!

This Newsletter is the first of the monthly newsletters you will receive as we progress through the admission process at Queen’s. In it, you will find important information about applying to Queen’s. Be sure to watch for reminders and updates about opportunities to visit us.

You will also receive a monthly update from your Admission Coordinator with information that is relevant to applicants in your region.

For now, here are some things to think about as the year draws to a close:

Your PSE (and Supplementary Essay, if it is required)

In the coming weeks, it’s a great idea to start working on your Personal Statement of Experience and Supplementary Essay (if it is required). We have a practice version on our website and the link to the ‘real thing’ is on your SOLUS Student Center. Our website has directions on how to submit your PSE.

Pro Tips for completing your PSE

We asked our Admission Coordinators for their tips on completing your PSE. Here is what they said:

  • It’s not about the activity; it’s what you have learned from the activity and how well you can communicate that to us!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your PSE.  We can begin to assess your application as soon as you have submitted this important piece of your application to Queen’s.
  • Give value to your experiences.  So don’t stop at just telling us what you do – also tell us why you do what you do, what you get out of it, and why it’s important.

Please ensure we have your PSE no later than February 15. The final date to submit is March 1. If you submit your PSE between February 15 and March 1, you will be considered for subsequent offers of admission.

When can you expect an offer of admission?

We begin to make offers of admission in early December, to qualified applicants, who have completed all items on their To-Do List in SOLUS. If you have completed your application and do not receive an offer of admission in December, don’t worry! We will continue to consider your application, as updated marks become available. Please watch your To-Do List as this is where we will communicate to you that we require additional marks. The majority of our offers of admission are made from the beginning of March, until the middle of May.

Money Talk

If you are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada, make sure to send in your application for an  Admission Bursary before February 15. A bursary is based on an assessment of your financial need and is money you receive to help you finance your Queen’s education. A bursary is non-repayable. That means you don’t have to pay it back. We know it seems early, but if you’re even thinking about coming to Queen’s, it’s a good idea to apply now. It allows us to give you a full picture of your Queen’s financial assistance, at the time we send an offer of admission.

Office Closing Information

As the winter break approaches, in Canada, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a restful holiday and all the best in 2014! Queen’s University will be closed for the winter break from noon on December 24, 2013 and will reopen on January 2, 2014. We will not respond to voicemail messages or email and we will not make any changes to your To-Do List during that period. If you require information about Queen’s while we are closed, please visit our website.


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