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Queen's University

Faculty of Arts and Science

The Faculty of Arts and Science grants a maximum of 18.0 credit units for Cambridge Pre-U courses. 

In order to be considered for Queen's credit, students entering the Faculty of Arts and Science must achieve a grade of M2 or higher in their Cambridge Pre-U courses.

Cambridge Pre-U Subject Queen's Equivalent Units/Comments
Sports Science KNPE 1UNSP 3.0
Psychology PSYC 100

6.0 D1, D2, D3--access to Major and Medial

      M1, M2, M3--access to minor or general

      SSP--requires permission of BIOL and PSYC

Physics PHYS 107 6.0
Music Individual Review
Mandarin Chinese
Short Course
Mandarin Chinese
Short & Principle
Modern Foreign Language
Short Course
Modern Foreign Language
History HIST 1UNS 6.0 If a student wants to pursue a HIST plan, they will need to take a Queen's 100-level HIST course.
English No credit
Geography GPHY 101
GPHY 102
The units could count toward the GPHY MAJ, MED or MIN
Mathematics MATH 123 3.0
Further Mathematics No credit
Further Mathematics AND Mathematics MATH 123 3.0
Economics ECON 110 6.0 can use for access to Plans
Comparative Gov. and Politics POLS 110 6.0 D1, D2, D3 marks can use course to access Major
Classic Greek GREK 112 6.0
Classical Heritage CLST 101 6.0
Latin LATN 110 6.0
Chemistry CHEM 112 6.0
Art and Design No Credit Students are encouraged to use work from this course in their portfolio submission
Art History ARTH 1UNS 6.0 The units could count towards the ARTH MAJ, MED or MIN.
Biology BIOL 102 3.0 The units could be used to apply for a concentration if the student also did well in BIOL 103
Global Study and Research Project No Credit


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