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Queen's University

General Admission Requirements

Successful completion of a Secondary School Diploma or stated equivalent.


  • The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), three 4U courses and an additional 3 4U or 4M courses. Students in francophone schools may offer the equivalent of English 4U.

British Columbia / Yukon

  • Four Academic Courses including English at the Grade 12 level. Please note that the only Provincial Exam required is for English 12.

Alberta / NWT / Nunavut

  • Five Academic Courses numbered 30 or 31 including English 30.


  • Five Academic Courses including English 30A & 30B, at the 30 level.
  • Note: Both English 30A & 30B (or Francais 30) are required for admission. Queen's uses the higher of the two grades in calculating the admission average.


  • Five Academic Courses including an English Focus course at the 40S level.

Quebec CEGEP 

  • Candidates who will have completed at least 12 academic subjects (excluding physical education courses that begin with 109) in a pre-university program are eligible for admission to year one. Those who complete their DEC in a pre-university program are also eligible for first-year admission and receive a maximum of 18 credit units. Students from French CEGEPs may offer two courses in francais in lieu of English prerequisites for all programs except Nursing, which requires a minimum of one semester of an English literature course (ones that being with 603)*.
  • Graduates of a three-year professional/career CEGEP program who achieve their DEC are upper-year transfer applicants who are eligible to receive a maximum of 30 credit units. Some concentrations in the Faculty of Arts & Science are closed to upper-year transfer students. See the following for details:   

New Brunswick

  • Five academic courses, including English, at the 122 level. Prerequisite subjects at the 122 level preferred.

Nova Scotia

  • Five academic courses, including English at the Grade 12 level.


  • Five academic courses, including English, at the 611 or 621 level. 


  • Six two-credit academic courses, including English, at level 3.

International Baccalaureate

  • Full Diploma candidates who achieve passes in six subjects with 3 at the higher level and who accumulate a minimum grade total of 28 (exclusive of diploma points) are eligible for admission consideration to first year.
  • *Note: please click here for competitive IB scores.

French Baccalaureat

  • Completion of the Baccalaureat du Second Degre program. Applicants who complete the full diploma program are eligible to receive a maximum of three transfer credits for those courses completed with a score of 12 or greater.

Canadian College Diploma Program

     Candidates are considered on an individual basis. Applicants who have completed:

  • A one-year diploma program (or one year of a two or three-year diploma program) are NOT eligible for admission consideration on the basis of the diploma program. Applicants who have also completed the final academic secondary school year of the jurisdiction in which they attended secondary school may be eligible for admission consideration with high school as the basis for admission.
  • A two-year diploma program (or two years of a three-year diploma program) is eligible to be considered for admission to the first year of a degree program. No transfer credits will be granted.
  • A three-year diploma program (or a four-year degree program) are eligible to be considered for admission with credit for one year (30 credits) of a degree program in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Credits may also be allowed on an individual basis for other programs. The minimum overall average required to be considered is a cumulative 2.6 (high C+) Grade Point Average (GPA).

    American School System / Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Grade 12 graduation with a minimum GPA of B- on four academic courses from an accredited high school. Prerequisite courses should be completed at the Junior or Senior level. SAT1 results may be required, regardless of citizenship (minimum score of 1200 with no less than 580 Critical Reading and 520 Mathematics. Writing scores will be used only for statistical purposes in 2009.) The highest section scores from multiple tests will be considered as part of the final admissions decision. To be considered for all available enrollment-related opportunities, candidates are strongly encouraged to submit their scores each time they take the SAT. A minimum ACT score of 26 is also acceptable. A school profile is required. AP courses are considered excellent preparation for university courses and may be eligible for degree credit. (College Board code 0949).

General Certificate of Education (GCE British-Patterned Curricula)

  • Candidates who complete seven subjects with at least three at the Advanced Level or equivalent (excluding the General Paper) will be eligible for admission consideration. Competitive grades at the Advanced Level must be "B" or higher. Grades at the Ordinary level must be "C" or higher. Two Advanced Subsidiary (A/S) levels are considered equivalent to one Advanced Level subject, however, prerequisite courses must be at the Advanced Level.

Cambridge Pre-U

  • Queen’s University will accept the Cambridge Pre-University Certificates, a combination of A Levels and Principal Subjects and the full Pre-U Diploma.  Candidates who complete seven subjects with at least three Principal Subjects or equivalent (excluding the General Paper) will be eligible for admission consideration.  Competitive grades must be M2 or higher. Grades at the Ordinary level must be "C" or higher.


  •  All India Senior School Certificate (awarded by CBSE) or the Indian School Certificate (awarded by the CISCE). Grades required for admission will vary by program but, based on the India grading scale, the minimum academic standing needed to fall within the competitive range is 75%. Year 12 State Board Exams with excellent results will also be considered individually. Interim grades (eg. pre-board exam results) will be used for applicants currently attending secondary school. Final Class XII grades will be used for secondary school graduates.


  • Upper Middle School Graduation Certificate. Students currently in secondary school will be required to submit Huikao results. For students who have graduated from secondary school Gaokao results will be required. Grades required for admission will vary, but based on the Chinese grading scale, the minimum average needed to fall within the competitive range is approximately 80%. 

Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE)

  •  Candidates who complete the diploma with at least six unit courses are eligible for consideration. Prerequisite courses must be offered at the 2-unit level, excluding Communications Studies. The competitive average for admission consideration is II or B.

International School Systems

  • Normally, candidates who have achieved admission level for universities in their own countries are eligible for admission consideration. Since specific requirements cannot be established on a general basis, applicants will receive individual consideration. 
  • Please note that English is a required prerequisite for all programs only if it is an official language of the country.
  • Please see our International Admission Requirements by Country for more information

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