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Queen's University

Submitting Your PSE

How do I complete the Activities/Employment entries in less than 90 characters with spaces?

Queen's requires a brief list of your commitments. Faculty readers will assess how you link your experiences in your essay question to how you will contribute to life at Queen's. The count performed in all questions is performed on characters (including spaces).

How can I avoid timing out?

A time out occurs after 20 minutes if you have not navigated to another step or saved your work. Please save every few minutes. If you have timed out, please log out of the internet and reboot. When you log back on, please clear your cache.

I submitted my PSE and there are '?' where apostrophes used to be. What will happen when my PSE is being read?

The font in the PSE is a standard font and when you cut and paste into the PSE from WORD or Wordperfect, the font will conform to this standard. It would only become visible after the PSE is saved and then reviewed. We are aware that the apostrophe appears as a question mark, however, please note that your PSE will not be disadvantaged. The faculty readers are made aware of this font issue

I'm getting an error message on format of the TO and FROM fields for activities/employment. Help?

Please use numeric entries for month and year. Example April 2009 is 04-09. Ensure there are no spaces. If you do not have 5 awards or activities and/or employments, please leave rows blank after completed entries. If you do not have ANY activities and/or employment, type NA as the response in the 1st box only of that question or questions if applicable.

What if I am still doing an activity or will continue my employment?

Please use the anticipated end date for an Activity or Employment. For example, if you will be engaged in the activity or employment until this summer, please use the summer month and year.

I gave you my referee email instead of my email. What do I do?

The printed version that you are seeing has cut off some text between pages 2 and 3. We do need your referee email address.

I just submitted my PSE or Supplementary Essay. Why is it still in my TO DO list?

In most cases the PSE or Essay will remain on your TO DO list until the next business day. You will receive a confirmation notice and number upon successful PSE or Essay submission, and this is an indication that we will receive your PSE.

NOTE: Applicants to Commerce, Concurrent Education, Kinesiology, Physical and Health Education, and the Computer and Electrical Engineering Stream MUST submit a PSE and a Supplementary Essay

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