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Residence and Meal Plan

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is residence guaranteed?

We guarantee residence to all incoming first-year full-time students provided they submit their residence application and deposit no later than the deadline. This deadline varies by year so be sure to check this year's Residence application, which you should receive enclosed with your offer of admission.

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Should I live in Residence?

There are many benefits to living in residence. Perhaps the most obvious benefit at this stage is that you do not have to worry about searching for accommodations. Provided that you get your application and deposit in by the deadline, you are guaranteed a place in residence. Once you’re there, you don’t have to worry about paying for utilities, local phone, and Internet bills as those services are all included with your residence fees. As well, you will never be far from your classes, campus activities or downtown Kingston.

One of the best reasons to live in residence is the sense of community you will develop with your floormates. Everyone who lives in residence is in the same situation as you are – likely moving away from home for the first time. Well over 90% of the first year class elects to live in residence at Queen's. 

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How do I apply to residence?

When you receive your offer of admission, there will be residence application information enclosed. The residence application will be made available online.  Ensure that you submit your application and deposit by the deadline outlined in this information.

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When do I apply to residence? Can I submit a late application?

You will apply to residence when you receive your offer of admission. In order to guarantee your spot in residence, the Residence Admissions Office must have receivedyour application and deposit by the deadline. It is possible to submit a late application; however, we cannot guarantee room availability.

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Can I pick my room and building?

Our residence rooms and buildings are generally assigned by a random lottery process. On the application form, you will indicate your room-type preference. As long as you have your application form and deposit submitted by the deadline, all students will be given equal opportunity to be granted their top choice. You can influence the potential type of room or building you will get by changing your rankings.

For more information about our residences, please visit  .

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When will I know my room assignment?

If you submit your Residence Application Form by the deadline (with the required deposit), you should receive your room assignment by mid-August. If you haven't heard by then, contact the Residence Admissions Office.

Residence Admissions Office


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What if I have health and dietary concerns?

If you have any health and/or dietary concerns, please contact our Residence Admissions Office with regards to Residence Room assignments and Hospitality Services  with regards to our dining halls. If you have a food allergy or other dietary restriction due to health or faith, we can accommodate you. Our Food Services always strives to accommodate any dietary concerns.   

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How do I know if my residence application and deposit have been received?

Once your application is entered in the Residence database, you will receive an email confirming receipt of payment and application forms.  Also contained in this email is information regarding how to check the status of your application online.  Prior to that, you can contact Residence Admissions at or 613-533-2550 to get confirmation that their application and deposit have been received. 

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What do I need to know about move-in?

Move-In Day is traditionally the first Sunday of September, also known as Labour Day Sunday, but please confirm this before you make travel plans. It is a busy day, so dress comfortably and be ready to move around. There will be student and staff volunteers available at each residence to offer directions, direct traffic, help you find your room and move your belongings. We're sorry, but we cannot accommodate early arrivals.

For more information, including directions, what to bring and what not to bring, please visit

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What types of rooms and meal plans are available?

We have 16 residence buildings and a mix of co-ed and single gender arrangements available to accommodate students of different lifestyles. Our residences range in size from 68 to nearly 800 individuals, and are divided into single, double, triple and quad rooms. For more information about room types and size, please visit .

For incoming first year students, we offer four different meal plan options. You can elect to have 15 meals per week, 18 meals per week, 320 for the year, 384 for the year. Our residence dining halls are an all-you-can-eat style buffet with great selection and variety. For more information pertaining to meal plans, please visit .  

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Do I have to have a meal plan?

Yes. All students are required to participate in the meal plan.

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Do I have to live in Residence?

No, students have the option of living in Residence or living in off-campus housing during their time at Queen's. While we strongly encourage students to take advantage of the Residence program, especially in 1st year, we have programs and supports in place to aid students who choose not to. Please visit for more information.

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If I choose not to live on campus, are there any available accommodations close to campus?

The Student Village that surrounds the Queen's campus provides many affordable options for off-campus housing. The Accommodation Listing Service acts as a vehicle for advertising accommodation available in the Kingston area.

First-year students who do not live in residence are encouraged to register with FYNIRS (First Year Not In Residence Students).

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Can't find your question? Write to us!

Email to with the heading "Question from FAQ Web Page" in the subject line. Please include your full name and OUAC reference number in the email to help us respond promptly.

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