Ellis Hall Active Learning Classrooms

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Ellis Hall Room 333 - Round Tables and Interactive Displays

Capacity: 70

This classroom allows for groups of six to work collaboratively on an interactive display and to be able to screen share to encourage student driven learning.

  • Chairs on wheels with 6 students per round table
  • Each table is close to a wall and on the wall is an interactive display with built-in amplified speakers.
  • At the centre of the table are 6 power outlets, a VGA with audio and an HDMI cable, a USB cable connected to the interactive display and 2 buttons allowing  students to select between VGA and HDMI.
  • In “collaboration mode”, each table will work independently (audio heard and video seen at each table corresponds to the device plugged in at each table)
  • In “presentation mode”, the same audio and video will be seen/heard at each table.
  • A podium with an interactive display, an LCD touch screen controller, an ethernet jack and VGA with audio and HDMI connectivity for the instructor’s device
  • The instructor can choose to display his/her own display/audio or any one table’s display/audio to all tables.
  • The microphones will probably be one hand-held wireless to be given to whichever table is presenting, and one wireless lavalier for the instructor. 

Completed Room

The front of Room 333

Room 333

Artists Renditions

rendered view from back right corner of room

 View from back left corner of room

Rendered view from front left corner of room

 View from front left corner of room

Rendered view from front right corner of room

 View from front right corner of room