Ellis Hall Active Learning Classrooms

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Ellis Hall Room 321 - Large Classroom with Tables and Monitors

Capacity: 136

This classroom allows for multiple groups of different sizes opportunities to be actively engaged in their own learning and collaborating with one another with or without learning technology.

  • Chairs on wheels with rectangle tables that seat 8 (potential for groups of 4)
  • Each table has 1 monitor at the end not connected to the other table. These will probably be 22” 1080p 16/9 monitors to keep them from interfering with line-of-sight as much as possible (the top of the display will be around 14” from the table surface).
  • Where the two tables connect, per table, there are 4 power outlets, a VGA with audio and an HDMI cable, an amplified speaker and 2 buttons allowing  students to select between VGA and HDMI.
  • A podium with an installed Windows PC with an interactive display, an LCD touch screen controller, an ethernet jack, a ceiling mounted document camera, a USB cable connected to the interactive display, and VGA with audio and HDMI connectivity for the instructor’s device
  • In “collaboration mode”, each table will work independently (audio heard and video seen at each table corresponds to the device plugged in at each table)
  • In “presentation mode”, the same audio and video will be seen/heard at each table.
  • The instructor can choose to display his/her own display/audio or any one table’s display/audio to the monitor of all tables.
  • The microphones will probably be one wireless lavalier for the instructor and push-to-talk mics at each table.

Completed Room






Artists Renditions

Rendered view from back right corner of room

 View from back right corner of room

Rendered view from front right corner of room

 View from front right corner of room