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Securing Safe & Successful Societies

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Securing safe and successful societies in the 21st century and beyond is a defining component of our research focus. 

Scholars from a range of sub-disciplines at Queen’s study the methods and outcomes of efforts to secure human, financial, political, and physical assets.

When catastrophic natural events — like tsunamis and earthquakes — and human events associated with political change occur, our security is threatened. Internet developments also bring risks and opportunities. Our researchers frame how these events will affect both individuals and society.

Themes in this area include:

  • Supporting democratic, economically viable systems of governance through active engagement in public policy

Centres/Institutes with this focus: Centre for International and Defence Policy,
Centre for Studies on Democracy and Diversity, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations

  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of information, including the security of communications tools, with particular focus on networks and telecommunications

Spotlight: David Lyon (Sociology), Director of Queen’s Surveillance Studies Centre

  • Contributing to the secure design of infrastructure, with a focus on security of water and large resource extraction processes

Spotlight: Amir Fam (Civil Engineering), Canada Research Chair in Innovative and Retrofitted Structures

Spotlight: Ian Moore (Civil Engineering), Canada Research Chair in Infrastructure Engineering

See also: GeoEngineering Centre at Queen's-RMC