Matariki Network of Universities

Queen's is one of the seven founding members of the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU), whose official launch took place in May 2010. The name "Matariki" is from the Māori language, in which Matariki is the name of the Pleiades star cluster, and signifies Spring and a new beginning.

The MNU is an international network of leading universities, which have a distinctive ethos and three primary common characteristics:

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  • Strong links between research and undergraduate teaching
  • A rich learning environment, in which cultural and sporting activities, as well as social and community endeavours, feature alongside academic learning
  • Strong commitment to social and global responsibility

The Matariki Network of Universities is restricted to a single representative per country and aspires to grow to a maximum of 12 members. The founding members are:

Queen's participation in the MNU builds on the University's longstanding partnerships and agreements with Uppsala University (1993), the University of Western Australia (1994), and the University of Otago (2002), and more recent collaborations with Durham University (2011) and Tübingen University (2012).