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Faculty Spotlights

Queen's delivers and supports a dynamic curriculum that evolves as disciplines and subjects develop and advance. Our faculty recognize that learning can occur in a variety of contexts — lectures, seminars, tutorials, labs, field work, and online — and formats — group activities, discussion, and peer learning.

As the pedagogical focus has shifted in recent years from teaching to learning, instructors have increasingly incorporated active, inquiry-based, case-based, lab-based, and team-based learning strategies to engage students and to facilitate collaboration and interaction.

Faculty also use technology to enhance teaching and learning in a meaningful way. Course websites, videotaped lectures, and in-class clickers complement face-to-face learning in blended courses, facilitate learning, and provide students with greater access and flexibility in meeting educational goals. Some of our professors facilitate interactive learning experiences through fully online courses.

Who are these faculty members and what inspires them?

Jennifer Ruth Hosek

Language, Literatures and Cultures

Teaching should encourage sustained concentration and human-to-human communication because much of society hampers these capacities.

Roderick Lindsay


[photo of Roderick Lindsay]

In class we discuss the readings and we discuss what they don't understand. The discussion is what teaches.

Nancy Martin

Microbiology and Immunology

[Nancy Martin]

I like to show how information can be applied to many situations, and that the things I am teaching don't just end in the classroom.

Jill Scott

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

[Jill Scott]

I had a professor who once said that as a teacher you have the license to do anything except to bore people.

Lesly Wade-Woolley

Education and Psychology

[Lesly Wade-Woolley]

I still work very hard to find authentic ways to engage students in the issues.

Kimberly Woodhouse

Chemical Engineering

[Kimberly Woodhouse]

I like mentoring and watching the curiosity and the love of learning take hold.


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