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English as a Second Language Program

Queen's School of English offers students a variety of English language programs:

  • English for Academic Purposes: an intensive 12-week English language program, which is ideal for university preparation or for career advancement
  • Canadian English Experience: a short-term summer and winter English language program, in which students learn English using Canadian cultural and social content
  • Pre-MBA Bridge Program: prepares students for a Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. Students can take this program as a Pathway to Queen’s MBA or for Individual Preparation for any MBA program.
  • QBridge Progam: a pathway to Queen's University for students who are academically competitive for admission to a Queen's undergraduate degree program but who do not meet the required admission standard for English language proficiency.


  • [photo of laguage lab]
    ESL students in a language lab
  • [photo of language students with a teacher]
    Language students participate in small group learning with teachers
  • [photo of ESL students in the classroom]
    ESL students in the classroom